Harvey Jones

The Synthesizer is the indigenous folk instrument of my culture. I’ve been dragging the instrument in its various forms across studio hallways and stages for 30 years. Initially struggling to keep the thing in tune and now working just as hard to make it out of tune.

I’ve. been fortunate to work with some outstanding artists. Working closely with such musicians as Donna Lewis, Robbie Dupree and Chris Botti. And performing on recordings with Jerry Marotta, Robert Fripp, Sting, Paul Buchanen, Tony Levin and Carla Bley. On this site you’ll be able to see a selection of the records I’ve played on, and hear some examples.

These days I do much of my work at my home in New York City. It is rewarding to be able to spend the time detailing that this allows, but I’m just as happy to travel to a Recording Studio [rip].

Just for fun and ego on the“CCTV” page you’ll be able to view television appearances, current and vintage,on shows like Letterman, Conan o’brien, Top of the Pops [bbc] and Good Morning America. On some of these the hair is fuller and darker than now, but it’s me I swear.

This is purely a work site,blog free. If you want to hear my views on the world at large you’ll just have to come over. I’ll make coffee. You’re going to need it.