Acoustic Jazz Guitar

Artie Traum • Roaring Stream • Sep 2004

  • It might seem like a peculiarly generic album title, but it must be noted that Artie Traum quite literally wrote the book on acoustic jazz guitar, as well as several other highlyregarded instructional books he's penned in addition to his recording career. This is not a solo album, however, but a collection of 15 instrumental tracks recorded between 1992 and 2004 with a variety of sidemen including such luminaries as bassists Steve Swallow and Tony Levin, as well as the Band's Garth Hudson, Rick Danko and Levon Helms. However, Traum's languid, unfussy playing style, the uniformly midtempo tunes and the antiseptic dentistwaitingroom style of the arrangements make these 15 tracks sound like they were recorded in the course of one long and exceedingly mellow session. Fans of the style will find much to love here, since Traum truly is an exceptional guitar player, but others will find this collection maddeningly polite.

    - Stewart Mason, All Music Guide