Fear of Success

Caleb • Universal • Feb 2001

this man is gonna make itthis album proves it.Caleb, with his voice that sounds close to Christopher Cross' and his music that is inspired by brit-rock and the good old american rock n roll and his lyrics that are folksy dylanesque, Caleb manages to jab one track after another. the opener, "welcome" is like the best 'hello, how are you?' you can ever get. the song is incredible, catchy, the kind that sticks in your head. i'm surprised that this song didn't get played on commercial radio. and then you have "blue" another great track. this is probably the best underground rock album released by a solo artist this year...well THE BEST would probably be stephen malkmus, but Caleb strikes a homerun. 'throw down your weapons" is the best peace song i have heard this year.simply incredible. one of the year's best.