Happens all the Time

Pamela Golden • Miramar • Jan 1991

This new vocal release offers something a little unusual -- a blend of ethereal melodies and introspective lyrics with slightly progressive musical backing. Pamela Golden has a background with Seattle's notorious Visible Targets. On her debut solo release she gathers the talents of various producers and notable artists like Tony Levin and Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel's band), Larry Fast (Synergy). Golden's high, wispy voice glides over soundscapes with an intense, compelling style. One piece, "Ballet Dream" was written for the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Choppy rhythms and modern sounds prevail, with top-notch production and effective vocal "special effects." Take a walk on the creative side with Happens All the Time and tune in to some of the positive, modern directions today's music is taking. - Backroads Music/Heartbeats, All Music Guide

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