Now in a minute

Donna lewis • Atlantic / Wea • Jan 1996

Classical-trained, ex-music teacher Donna Lewis made a major impact in the pop world with her 1996 hit "I Love You Always Forever." The track, from the Welsh singer's debut release Now In A Minute, was inspired by an H.E. Bates novel and spent over two months at 2 on the American charts. There's nothing else nearly as compelling on the album although there are handful of other solid tracks like the hypnotic "Nothing Ever Changes" and the dreamy "Simone." Lewis has a girlish that sounds like a less quirky Kate Bush. The music, played by studio musicians and produced by Lewis with Kevin Killen, has a high-sheen, glossy feel that contradicts the somewhat personal nature of the lyrics. The one song that escapes the overproduction is the lovely, piano ballad "Silent World," which closes the record and hints what might have been. - Tom Demalon, All Music Guide

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